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Sunland Steel Works, Custom Welding & Manufacturing in Altona Southern Manitoba, Steel Sales, Custom Design, Friendly, Breaking and Bending, Shearing and Cutting, Machining, Laser Cutting, CNC Plasma and Water Jet Cutting, Sheet Metal Forming and Rolling, Pipe Bending and Rolling, Painting, Powder Coating and Galvanizing

Sunland Steel Works Inc.

Friendly Service, Quality Workmanship, On Time


Allen Penner, Owner and Operator

We provide a full range of steel work services from the design stage, to cutting, bending, welding, and up to the finished product.

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Specializing In

  • Custom Welding & Manufacturing
    • Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
    • Any custom project, large or small
    • Any sized parts or assemblies in large or small volumes
  • Steel Sales
    • Many standard shapes & sizes in stock
    • Parts on order arrive in just a few days
    • Full length or cut and shaped to your requirements
  • Custom Design
    • 3D parametric design software
  • Breaking and Bending
    • Sheet metal bending up to 8 feet wide
  • Shearing and Cutting
    • Bandsaw cutting
    • Shearing
    • Plasma cutting
  • Machining

Also Providing

  • Laser Cutting
    • Clean appearance, high precision
    • Highly economical
  • CNC Plasma and Water Jet Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Forming and Rolling
  • Pipe Bending and Rolling
  • Painting, Powder Coating and Galvanizing